About us

The annual Fête de la Musique in Paris started in 1982 by the then Minister of Culture Jack Lang. A citywide pockets of concerts, it aims to make music available and accessible to all on the first day of summer, the 21st of June.

The year 2008 saw the first Filipino participation to the annual music event, with performances organized by the SANLIKHA Collective of Artists led by Sandra Palomar. With the help of Marc Monsallier of Galerie Talmart, Himig Pinoy was born: An outdoor Open Mic set-up in front of the gallery in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. Parisians came to discover a different side to the Filipinos in Paris – exposing faces and voices, talents and artistry in the community here in the French capital. 

In 2009, the name was changed to Pinoy Jam and was more focused on doing live music and performances. A roster of local bands and solo singers emerged through the years. In 2014, the event flooded over from the Galerie Talmart to the Place Igor Stravinsky, a broader and much more open space. The strategic location garnered huge crowds year after year and became the yearly spot of Pinoy Jam.

In 2018, Pinoy Jam celebrated its 10th anniversary and raised enough funds for an elevated stage and better lights and sounds equipment for the occasion. A few months after, it became an accredited association by the Prefecture de Police de Paris.

Since its humble beginnings, Pinoy Jam has been outstandingly showcasing Filipino artists, amateurs and professionals alike, at the beating heart of Paris – place Igor Stravinsky. Located between the exciting neighborhoods of Marais and Beaubourg, the event attracts thousands of audiences from locals to international tourists, providing the Filipino talent the global stage it deserves. 

Today, Pinoy Jam Paris as a recognized association has 40 active members and around 10 non-member volunteers. Approximately 30 artists including 5 bands come together for punctual events. Artists are distributed upon request for special events for private and non-profit events of other associations. 

Our Team

Dennis Astorga-Chazelle

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Belle Maitai
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Jibson Panganiban
Vice President

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Christine Badour

Dee Apilado

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Judea Agana
Documentation & Archives

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