Artists On Saturday July 25 @8pm

Archie Manalo

Born and raised in Cavite. His singing career started when he was 13 yrs old as a solo performer & folk singer in one of the bars in Las Piñas City. He plays guitar as well and has been a member of Pinoy Jam Paris since 2012.

Alex Wade

Alex Wade is a Filipino artist based in Paris. Since Alex arrived in France in 2013, he started in events and different concerts. He organized their concert in 2015 with collaboration with a known French rap group–Les Diplomic to help Yolanda victims. In 2016, he guested in a small concert of Rose Osang Fontanes, the Israel X-Factor Champion. Since 2014 he became active member of Pinoy Jam Paris and in 2018 he became the lead singer of the band Super Nova. They are known as the one who performed the epic “Buwan” during the 2019 Fête de la musique. As of now he’s busy with their family vlog in YouTube – Team Wade Paris, you can always catch some performances and covers in their channel- Team Wade Paris.

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Charlotte Casem

Charlotte is an 18 year old student who lives and grew up here in France with her family. She’s actually in her last year of lycée and in the future, she wants to be a Flight Attendant. She started to sing at the age of 7.

Singing is her passion and it is the way she expresses herself. Charlotte decided to showcase her talent for the very first time in the yearly french tradition Fete de la Musique.

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