Muri and her Letters


Author: Joseph Michael Torrijos

Released early this year was Muri’s latest single entitled: Letters

Letters is definitely not a simple song that can be unpacked in a single session. You have to listen to it multiple times (or at least I had t0) because the story telling is complex and flavourful. There’s a lot to discover in the lyrics and the notes of this modern day love letter.

The story is between friends or someone who’s in a close relationship to each other. A friend offering help in the form of a letter, but it seems that both are struggling in terms of their feelings. The person whom Muri is offering the letter to seems to be involved in a break up perhaps? as the chorus unapologetically let’s the other person know that she or he can either hate or take Muri’s advise about the situation.

This song is great to listen to at any day, the vibe is jazzy and upbeat and is available on Spotify.

Muri is also a PJP artist based in Paris who will be performing in the upcoming event Harana 2: Filipino Music Then And Now.

I’ve been reading and listening to the lyrics of many love songs lately in preparation to the upcoming event, watch this space for more love letters.




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